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Vegetable Seed Range

Our standard vegetable collection includes over 350 vegetable and herb varieties.

Each standard packet has the FREE colour plant label to help identify each plant, which gardeners love, now on the back of the packet.

Our packets feature relevant icons including the RHS Award of Garden Merit logo.


This season, we have introduced a number of NEW varieties including:

AUBERGINE Jewel Marble F1

Ideal for container crops on a sunny sheltered patio. Providing plenty of smaller, useful-sized and attractive fruit with excellent flavour.



Quick and easy to grow roots in a great range of colours, each with its own distinct flavour. The delicious glossy leaves can also be used when young.


CARROT Harlequin F1

Nutritious and incredibly easy to grow, for deliciously healthy snacks, cooked dishes and in salads. Each colour has a subtly different flavour.



Top quality ‘James Scarlet Intermediate’ type. Consistently reliable and productive, this high quality variety performs exceptionally well in a wide range of soils and conditions.


LEEK Autora F1

Suitable for any region and soil type, this high quality variety produces high yields of easy to clean leeks with excellent disease resistance.


LETTUCE Little Gem (Pasatiempo)

Top selection of this little favourite. An outstanding little Gem type selected for all its best qualities. With exceptional vigour, sweet flavour and crisp, tight heads.


SPINACH (Climbing) Malabar Spinach

Heat tolerant, great tasting, succulent leaves. Popular its great flavour and productivity during hot summers when spinach usually struggles. Can be used in the same way as traditional spinach.


SQUASH Mashed Potato

Low calorie alternative to mashed potatoes. Vigorous plants produce plentiful squashes with great tasting, nutritious flesh perfect for mashing in the same way as potatoes. Crops store well.



A mid-early variety with vigorous plants producing 4-5 good size, great tasting beans per pod.  Rewarding to grow and one of the most anticipated early summer crops. Surplus beans are ideally suited to freezing for later use.


PEA Ruselago

Downy and powdery mildew resistant for excellent crops of succulent, sweet tasting peas.

All the most popular vegetable categories are available as organic in the Johnsons range and all have been approved by Organic Farmers and Growers Ltd.

As well as being available within the main ranges, retailers can also order the organic collection as a stand-alone hot spot display, to allow them to be added as a separate themed feature.

For incremental herb sales, Johnsons also offers the Jekka's Herbs collection - a single stand of 47 well known, as well as some more unusual herb varieties, for culinary use. Click on the button below for more information.

Jekka's Herbs

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