Johnsons Seeds

Microgreens Kitchen Seed Sprouter

The Microgreens Kitchen Seed Sprouter from Johnsons is a convenient and economical way to produce fresh and tasty sprouts and microgreens all year round, from your windowsill. 

Sprouts are ready in as little as 3-5 days and Microgreens from 7 days, making it quick and easy to add vibrant colour, taste and crunch to just about any dish.

Each kit contains four clear trays with drainage holes for sprouting seeds or growing microgreens and one coloured base tray without drainage holes to collect water after it has filtered through the clear trays. There is also an easy to follow instruction booklet included.

Seeds sold separately.

To help display these kits in areas where there is no shelf space available, an easily assembled, compact display plinth is also available.