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Cut flower and wildlife seed sales reveal ‘Easy Elegance' as the key to effortless garden and vase displays

Best sellers tie in with latest fashion and interior design trend for simple chic. 

‘Easy Elegance' is the buzz term being used by fashionistas and interior designers for the 2017 spring season in a push for simplicity, function and individuality on the high street. But it seems UK gardeners are ahead of the trend when it comes to cut flower and wildlife gardening, with a host of elegant and easy annuals remaining at the top of the sales chart in both the Sarah Raven Cut Flower Collection and Wildlife Attracting Collection.

Both ranges were launched in 2012 in partnership with Johnsons Seeds, following resurging interest in cut flower growing and gardening for wildlife. The collections each carry 47 choice varieties, but eight easy hardy annuals have dominated cut flower sales and another six remain the best sellers for wildlife gardening. All are strong garden performers that can be direct sown where they are to flower, each bringing high rewards with minimal maintenance.

Since the ranges were launched, Ammi majus has been the best-selling variety (net sales) in the Cut Flower Collection, while Eschscholzia ‘Orange King' has occupied either 1st or 2nd position (net sales) in the Wildlife Attracting Collection. 


Top 10 Cut Flowers since 2012 

Ammi majus

Cosmos Purity

Poppy Black Beauty

Mixed Cut Flowers

Nigella African Bride

Sweet Pea Muse

Cosmos Dazzler

Cerinthe major Purpurascens

Nigella Moody Blues

Sunflower Valentine


Top 10 Wildlife Attracting since 2012

Wildlife Mixed

Eschscholzia Orange King

Nasturtium Tip Top Mixed

Cornflower Polka Dot

Sunflower Taiyo

Sweet Pea Midnight Blues

Poppy Wild

Cosmos Bright Lights

Larkspur Giant Imperial Mixed


Helen Clayton, Johnsons Brand Manager said: "The popular cut flower varieties in the collection are not often seen in florist shops - while they each make elegant vase specimens they don't transport well from field to store to home. Gardeners can quickly and easily transfer them from the garden to a vase for simple chic bouquets that you won't find on the high street.

"The top sellers in our Wildlife Attracting Collection go to show that your garden doesn't need to look wild to support wildlife. California poppies are some of the prettiest and elegant annuals you can grow, yet they also support a wide range of garden pollinators."